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MSSIA accomplishes it’s mission by researching, designing and advocating for policies to grow solar energy to be a major part of our future energy supply; to educate the public and policy-makers on the facts of solar energy and to remove barriers that hinder solar development; to promote local solar R&D and solar manufacturing; to assist in designing policies and infrastructure that supports solar on the local, state, and regional level; to develop solar electric and thermal energy as a significant portion of the energy supply mix; to work in tandem with municipalities and local government to utilize and support rapid adoption of solar energy; and to provide real-time data and real world evidence that demonstrates the value of solar energy to the regional electric grid and its role in combating climate change.

ClientMSSIA (Mid-Atlantic Solar & Storage Industries Association)ServicesArt direction, design and development. ProjectWebsiteDescriptionRedesigned website from the ground up. Integrated with membership signup features along with auto populating list of members in the members directory.WebsiteLaunch Website

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